Trailhead is accessible and fun. At 264 pages, this compact illustrated guide is as practical as it is entertaining. Jhung covers a broad range of topics from the benefits of trail running to where to go and what gear to bring and even what to do if you encounter wildlife (pro tip: if a moose charges, run). She also covers nutrition and first aid, all with a light, witty tone. Beginners will find the style friendly and conversational, and experienced trail runners will be inspired to lace up their shoes and hit the trails again.runners

Know the difference between doubletrack and a greenway? You will. Jhung provides a comprehensive typology of trails in Chapter 3. What about the difference between trail shoes and road shoes? It’s not just the outsole. Turn to Chapter 4 for an in-depth analysis of the latest technical features incorporated in shoes made specifically for trail running. Or skip to Chapter 5 and learn how to gain traction in your old road shoes with a few strategically placed screws.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing out loud

#8: Thou shalt not take nature with you

A resident of trail-running mecca, Boulder, CO, Jhung has been running trails for 25 years and is a contributing editor and columnist for Runner’s World. While her experience clearly shows in the scope of this project, it’s her sense of humor perhaps more than anything that will resonate with readers. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing out loud as you survey the tools of self-care in Chapter 8 or learn the ten commandments of trail running etiquette in Chapter 9.

Regardless of skill level, readers will no doubt be inspired to hit the trails with confidence. Trailhead is engaging and provides just enough depth to be a good resource. Read it and rekindle your passion for running in the nearest city park or on a mountain adventure.


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