Running isn’t supposed to be exhausting all the time. In 80/20 Running, running and fitness expert Matt Fitzgerald lays out a fresh approach to training in which runners do 80% of their runs at a low intensity and only 20% at moderate or high intensity. Speed work may be sexy, but the first half of this unconventional book lays out a convincing case for racing faster by training slow. The second half includes training plans from the 5K to marathon, thorough descriptions of a litany of Fitzerald’s favorite workouts, and detailed intensity control guidelines. At each race distance training plans are included for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. Follow this easy-to-use guide and your runs will become more enjoyable, you’ll carry less fatigue from one workout to the next, and your fitness will show steady improvement.

Rumor has it Fitzgerald is even shopping around a manuscript for a follow-up to 80/20.

No doubt the 80/20 approach will translate just as well across endurance sports.


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